Best Sippy Cups Ever!!

We have spent a small fortune on sippy cups for our son and believe me it really hits your wallet faster than you can say ouch. They have every color, material, handles, no handles, straw, no straw, insulated, non insulated, no spill really means “spills”, silicone, BPA free, glass and the list goes on. So I finally resign myself to the fact that not only was I going to be broke but my picky son was going to protest drinking until I either found a magic wand or a sippy cup that he would drink from and not chew on. Low and behold I take a trip to Walmart and after scanning the wall of sippy cups I saw a bright multicolored pack of cups. The first thing that caught my eye was the price a mere $2.11 for 5 cups which also came with two handle sets that slid onto each cup.


  • 7 oz of liquid
  • six months and up
  • BPA Free
  • Two removable handles
  • Eases transition from bottle to cup
  • very affordable $2.11 plus tax for 5 cups/5 lids/2 handles
  • recyclable

Once my child made it clear that he did not want a cup with handles I found out that they make the next size up without handles. Same great product, same great materials, same great price point. The next size up was only $2.98 for 5 cups 10 oz but this time instead of the two handle sets you get a topper that clips onto the cup and clicks into the entrance of the spout. They travel great and I have yet to have any of the cups spill inside of my diaper bag.


What I love best about these cups is not only their price point but they are recyclable and that is very important to me and my husband because we are all about recycling! Once my son has really used and abused these I just place them in my recycling bins and I’m not out any money! I just run back to the store and throw down another $2.98 and were back in business. They also have for sale snack cups, silverware,plates and various other toddler eating supplies.


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