Reading to your children everyday does make a difference!

At birth, a baby’s brain contains all the neurons necessary for a lifetime of learning ­ 100 to 200 billion brain cells. A baby is born ready to learn. However, brain development and a baby’s capacity for learning is heavily dependent on early life experiences. Talking and reading to babies helps brain neurons to connect. When a connection is used repeatedly in the early years it becomes permanent; those not used may perish.

I know it may sound ridiculous to some people but me and my husband have been reading to our son A since we found out I was pregnant. It started at night-time I would go into his nursery and sit in the rocking chair and read poems and short stories before bedtime. My husband and I would take turns so that he could tell the difference between our voices when we spoke, it almost became a game of who could get him to move around the most. As my belly grew I found myself talking to him all the time especially on the long drives into work, I quickly noticed that he very much-loved music. I would turn the radio up in the car and sing to him all the way to work and all the way home and he would kick and flip and roll around excitedly.

It was a given that me and my husband would start reading to A when he was a fetus because we are both hardcore bookworms and are constantly reading. I think we have more books than we do any other piece of property!

Once he was born he just knew who me and his daddy were, we would talk and boom his eyes would shift like a hypnotized little lamb captivated by our voices. A was born premature so the best way for me to get him to fall asleep was singing to him in the dark. He would get so upset and hysterical and as soon as he heard my voice he would instantly wind down and settle his head on my shoulders and chest. As he grew older we would read his stories in funny voices and make up different voices for each character in the book. He tries very hard to read and scan the pages in the books and he’s very captivated by all the imagery and bright colors on the pages. Reading to him and talking to him so much has helped make him transition into talking very quickly and his span of learned words are broad for a child his age.

I truly believe that if we hadn’t read to him prior to being born and continued to throughout his growth he would not be where he is today with his comprehension and speech. A lot of people say they don’t have time to read to their children , that they’re too busy or even stating that their child wont understand or remember. To all of these reasons I laugh it only takes a few minutes a couple of times a day to read to your child, your child also starts to comprehend more than you know while in utero and even more so once born. You are shaping the mind of your child for success and they will carry this life lesson on for the rest of their lives.

Do any of you read to your children? If so when did you start and have you noticed any changes in your child since you have started? Please feel free to leave feedback in the comment forum on this post!


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