It’s a…

Well the verdict is in and it looks like our second lo is a GIRL!!!! We are just thrilled and so is her big brother! So of course I’m nesting like crazy only 4 weeks till my third trimester. This pregnancy has been tough and difficult health wise on me but it’s flying by.

In other news big brothers therapy is going well. He is progressing more than we were told he would. He surpassed his marks in speech therapy and occupational therapy. He met with his new neurologist and we are very pleased with this new doctor. He gave us a lot of information and finally some answers.

I am going to be posting soon with more details on the neurologist appointment for big brother. It’s very emotional and difficult for me still so please bear with me. I’m still reeling from everything but I want to discuss it because I think it will help me and others that may be going through the same situation.

I’ve never felt so strong yet so weak and powerless at the same time. I will do whatever I have to do to give my kids what they need.


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